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Corporate Wellness

Companies and employers benefit from happy and healthy employees! When your employees are happy and healthy, your company sees many benefits. Wellness programs lower health costs and absenteeism by reducing employee stress levels and boosting morale.

Natural Therapy Corporate wellness Acupuncture

Offering your employees on-site acupuncture in a community setting can offer many benefits to your workforce. Acupuncture is a great way to reduce stress, ease anxiety, decrease headaches, improve energy and concentration, and improve immune systems.

We travel to your place of business to provide the holistic treatment of acupuncture to promote stress relief, relaxation, and rest resulting in your employees optimal health. A fusion of eastern traditional Chinese medicine practice and modern western knowledge is utilized to assist the body, mind and spirit.


$20 per person. Minimum of 10 employees required to participate. Employees may cover the cost of treatment, due at the time of service. Arrangements can be made if employers want to cover the cost before the time of service.

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What can I expect?

  • A large room with comfortable chairs is required for this community style treatment. Conference and board rooms work well.
  • 10 employees can be seen in a 1 hour time slot.
  • Sterile thin one-time use acupuncture needles are placed in easily accessible points.
  • No special clothing required.

Want to know more?

Acupuncture FAQs 

Please contact us at (402) 884-1300 or

Private on-site one hour treatments are also available and easily incorporated into current wellness offerings. Pricing available upon request.