Carolyn Benecke


Carolyn’s journey with yoga began in 2003 when she went to her first yoga class at the Omaha Yoga School, and was under the teaching of Margaret Hahn, Meredith Busher, and Carly Cummings to name a few.

She realized that yoga wasn’t just about the physical postures, it went much deeper into the emotional and spiritual aspects of life as well. It taught her to be grounded and focused in life, as well as in her massage therapy practice that she started in 2000.

She often says- “If I didn’t do yoga, I couldn’t do massage, it balances me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

She finally decided in 2014 that being a student of yoga wasn’t enough, she needed to share all that she’s learned through this wonderful practice. She found an amazing 200 hour teacher training program at One Tree Yoga with Gabe Hopp, and Alison King-Tiggs.

Graduating in May 2015, she has found her niche teaching Yin style yoga, which helps people find patterns of tension in their bodies, and learn to let go, much like what she’s been teaching her massage clients since 2000. She doesn’t have a favorite yoga pose, because there are just too many good ones, but if she had to choose just one pose to do everyday, it would be Supta Baddha Konansa.