Cleansing massage for detoxification

Naturally detox your body to improve circulation and energy while cleansing your system of unwanted toxins.

This massage uses a light vibrational energy along with a gentle stroking technique to stimulate lymphatic movement promoting overall health and wellness.

Improve your health and vitality!

Through a cleansing detoxification massage you can rid your body of unwanted toxins that make you feel sluggish and puts your health at risk.

The gentle vibrational energy of LET (Lymphedema Enhanced Technology) assist with increased fluid and energy flow. This massage is a soothing, light, vibrational stroke that opens up the lymphatic cleansing channels to amplify the body’s natural detoxification and decongestion systems. The increased fluid movement carries the waste products, bacteria, dead cells and large protein molecules through the channels of the kidneys bowels, skin and lungs.

The lymphatic system is responsible for producing and releasing the antigens that fight the toxins (garbage) in your body.   It is also where the Killer T Cells mature and are released to the blood plasmas to eat the toxins that are then eliminated from your body. Simply put the Lymphatic System is the garbage truck for all the toxins in our bodies!

  • $80.00 for a single LET Session
  • $225.00 package for 3 LET Sessions

Natural Therapy is the only clinic in the Omaha area that offers this unique detoxifying massage performed by a certified lymphatic specialist
L. Buckley Headshot

Lori Buckley graduated from Creighton University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1991. She has specialized in treating clients with lymphatic related issues for the past 10 years. The goal of her hands on massage technique is to help you regain your health. This massage is a holistic approach to detoxing that is not harsh to your body. It is a great support for good personal health habits or a great start to get back on the track to good health.

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